Italian Renaissance Influence In France And England

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name Date How did the Italian Renaissance ideas spread northward and how were they transformed in France or England? Introduction Between the 14th and 16th century, Italy went through what they termed as Renaissance which was characterized by several changes in the country. As described in Italy, Renaissance means rebirth or rebuilding of a given societal role. The transition of the country came from the medieval to the early European period where different normal operations of the society were greatly altered. Before the rebirth process began, the Italians had the desire to rebuild some of their greatest being thus the creation of the Renaissance process. As a result of the process, Italy had several achievements regarding science, literature, philosophy, music and arts. As a result, Italy was recognized as the leader of Europe as a result of the major changes they managed to bring in their country (Marvin et al., 34). Therefore, the main aim of this assignment will be to discuss the various effects that the Italian Renaissance had in France as well as the transformation of the ideas. Italian Renaissance ideas The main idea of the Italian Renaissance was built upon restoring the ways of the country to their level best. The country saw the need of rebuilding their country after a long period of war among the people of different cities. Milan was considered as the most powerful city during the war period. The restoration of the Italian
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