Even-Zohar Ecosystem Theory

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THE POLYSYSTEM THEORY Polysystem Theory was developed in the early 1970s by Itamar Even-Zohar, an Israeli scholar, for the study of language, literature and translation (Chan, 2010, 257). In the Polysystem, there are literary systems that interact with one another. In the Polysystem’s point of view, translation is not transmitting the words from one language to another thus it makes translators to look at the context not just to text itself. Even-Zohar states that a text should not be seen as an individual, that it is surrounded by many other text and together they create system (1970). In this literary system translated literature and original literature stand together and they interact with one another. The contribution of this point of view to the Translation Studies is; it makes the translator to think much more inclusively about the text by looking at the text’s surroundings, by questioning “why these texts are translated? how they are translated? and how they interact each other?”. When it is looked at many text, now that it is known they should be comprehended together, there is a new field to study on about how this interaction between the texts woks. According to Even-Zohar, there are two important things that should be thought; a)why are these texts translated? (questioning the selection of the texts), b)how are these texts translated? (leading the subject to the translational…show more content…
In some occasions when a text is imported from another system, it comes with its genre. And if the number of the translations from the specific genre starts to increase in the system, it affects the readers and translators of that system and the translators may decide on writing that genre themselves. We can make a deduction from this; by means of translation a new genre can be created in a
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