Itraconazole Transferomal Gel Case Study

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AIM OF THE STUDY To prepare and evaluate Itraconazole loaded transfersomal gel. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The main objective of the study is to formulate and evaluate Itraconazole transfersomal gel for effective topical drug delivery. PLAN OF WORK: 1. To develop analytical method for the estimation of drug in the formulations. 2. To carry out pre-formulation studies for possible drug-excipient interactions by FTIR. 3. Preparation of transfersomes containing itraconazole using different ratio of Phospholipid and Edge activator using thin film hydration technique. 4. Characterization of transfersomes with respect to its • Vesicle shape • Vesicle size 5. Formulation of transfersomal gel and studying its • In-vitro drug release…show more content…
Ideally, the Preformulation phase begins early in the discovery process such as the appropriate physical and chemical data is available to aid the selection of new chemical entities that enters the development process during this evaluation possible interaction with various inert ingredients intended for use in final dosage form are also considered in the present…show more content…
Solubility: The solubility of the drug sample was carried out in different solvents (aqueous and organic) according to I.P. The results are then compared with those mentioned in the official books and Indian Pharmacopoeia. Melting point The melting point of Itraconazole was determined by capillary method using digital melting point apparatus. ANALYTICAL METHODS STANDARD CURVE Preparation of standard solution: 100mg of itraconazole was accurately weighed into 100ml volumetric flask and dissolved in small quantity of buffer. The volume was made with 6.8 pH Phosphate buffer to get a concentration of 1000µg/ml (SS-I). UV Absorption Maxima (λ max) of Itraconazole sample in pH 6.8 Phosphate buffer • Stock II: 10ml of above solution was then further diluted to 100ml with 6.8 pH Phosphate buffer to get a stock solution of 100µg/ml. UV scanning was done for 100 µg/ml drug solution from 200-400 nm using pH 6.8 Phosphate buffer as a blank in Shimadzu, UV 2450 spectrophotometer. The wavelength maximum was found to be at 262

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