It's A Wonderful Life Analysis

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It’s a Wonderful Life is a film set in the World War II era that follows the life of George Bailey. George spends his entire life in a small town named Bedford Falls. His dream was always to leave the town and travel the world, but he never gets the opportunity because he is stuck running his father’s building and loan company. George serves the citizens of the town by providing them with affordable housing. During this time he makes many important relationships with people throughout the town. George does not realize the value of these relationships until the end of the film. George gets so caught up in material wealth that he believes that 8,000$ is the dividing line between his death and a life worth living. After George’s guardian angel, Clarence, shows George what life in Bedford Falls would have been like if George had never been born, George finally realizes the huge treasure that lay in the relationships he cultivated throughout his life. This is when the movie shifts into focusing on what really matters, spiritual wealth. George was willing to throw away all of the amazing relationships he had formed over a pile of cash. Like George, most people in society spend their whole lives chasing material wealth, and never slow down to appreciate the priceless spiritual wealth they have built up through friends and family. George is taught by society that success is measured by material wealth. He watches others from the town leave and become rich, while he is stuck in

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