It's Time To Write My Essay For LPS Class

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Before coming to UCI, writing essays was definitely much easier. In school, the essays were usually about topics that were interesting and I usually had a lot of time to do them. For example, in my AP Literature class, we wrote essays about the books that we read but I love reading classical books so the writing came easy to me. On top of that we were given two to three weeks to write an essay that had to be 2 pages max. Here at UCI, I am given maybe four days at most to write my essays for my LPS class in. Not only that but it is graded more critically since the content must be better. I must cite quotes and state facts whereas in high school all I had to do was talk about a book we read and then just give my opinion on whatever the topic question was. In the essays that I do for LPS, there is not much more for me to given my own opinions or state what I am thinking since all the words that I write must have a credible source. So, in reality it is more like writing a research paper. To be honest, it just feels like I am rewriting whatever the author of the article said but in a more condensed way that answers the prompt. Also, not all the topics that we learn in class are interesting. Some are and it is fun to write essays but then some are not and I have to drag myself to write the …show more content…

In high school, I could read my classmates essay and not feel threatened since all the essays would be graded differently because like I mentioned before, the essays were usually about our own interpretations of the material but here, where the content is the most important part of the essay, I cannot read a classmate’s essay without thinking that they included something very important that I might have left out. Reading my classmates essays definitely makes me insecure about my own writing. All I can think about it Maybe I should have included that or This is structured better than

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