Ivan Denisovich Character Analysis

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While the gulag system treats prisoners as garbage, Shukhov shows empathy to his fellow squadron members and treats them with kindness, holding on to his “civilized” self. He contrasts the cruel conditions by demonstrating how he doesn’t let the prison ruin the better part of his humanity. For instance, after eight years of misery in the gulag, Ivan Denisovich still feels sorry for the misfortune of others. When Der comes to the power station to scold Tiurin for allowing his men to fasten roofing felt to the windows, Shukhov “was afraid for Tiurin” (97). Again, when “Fetiukov walked through the barracks… sobbing, all hunched up, [with] his mouth smeared with blood,” Shukhov stated “you couldn’t help feeling sorry for him… [because] he
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