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Ivan Robert Marko Milat was born on December 27, 1944 in Australia. He was one of other 14 children of an extended immigrant family from Yugoslavia. Growing up, he was described as a handsome, muscular boy who was fascinated by guns and hunting wild game. His family lived in a rural and insular location. Having 14 children to raise, Ivan 's parents were always strict and always kept to themselves. This became one of the reasons finding reliable information about Ivan Milat 's life and upbringing difficult to get. Ivan Milat 's parents found it very difficult to instill discipline to all their children because of their large number. Ivan and some of his brothers begun having a reputation for being unlawful and disorderly in their locality. Early in life, Ivan Milat exhibited psychopathic and temperament issues. His brother Boris confirmed this during an interview though some family members disputed this fact. (Biography.com)

Ivan 's family tolerated many police raids to their home as Ivan and his
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In the year 1971, Ivan Milat was arraigned to court for the alleged sexual assault of two female hitchhikers, who claimed that he was armed with a knife when he attacked them. The charges raised against him were later dropped because the prosecution had failed to come up with a comprehensive and convincing case against Ivan Milat. Ivan was involved in various crimes in his life, but the ones that brought him into the limelight were murder and sexual assault. He killed his victims by paralyzing them with a knife wound to the spine, stabbing them severally or shooting them multiple times in the head. One of his victims, Anja Habschied, had her head decapitated and dumped far away from her body. All his victims had their trousers unzipped but their top buttons on. Although most of his victims ' bodies were already badly decomposed before they were found, this was evidence of a sexual assault committed hurriedly and an attempt to cover it up.
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