Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Essay

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Profile of the Author Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born on the 14th of September 1849 in Ryazan Russia. His family wanted him to become a priest so he studied at the theological seminary. After he read books on Charles Darwin, he realised that he has more passion in studying science related courses and therefore he left the seminary and went to St. Petersburg University where he studied physiology and chemistry and bagged a doctorate degree in the year 1879. He then started working on the research topic digestion and blood circulation because they were his area of interest. His works became very popular in his field and he made the professor of physiology at the Imperial Medical Academy. He received a Nobel Prize Award because of his research on Physiology. As a skilled surgeon, he was able to implant small stomach pouches in dogs to measure the secretion of gastric juices produced when a dog eats. With the help of his assistant, he was able to condition the dogs to salivate at the click of a metronome. As he advanced in his…show more content…
Those Psychologists who are for the Behavioural learning theory do not focus on the internal thought process. They approach the mind as a black box and lays emphasis on the aspect of behaviour that can be observed. These observable aspects includes things that goes into the box which are the stimuli or events perceived externally. And also things that comes out of the box which includes responses to the stimuli. According to the Pavlovian theory, Classical Conditioning is when a stimulus which brings about a response is paired with another stimuli which does not initially evoke a response on its own. After a period of time, the second stimuli will act similarly to the first stimuli because the second stimuli was paired with the first
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