Ivory Coast History

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INTRODUCTION Ivory Coast, officially the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (French: République de Côte d'Ivoire), is a country in West Africa having its capital in Yamoussoukro, National Anthem Song of Abidjan (French : "L'Abidjanaise"), National BirdWhite-cheeked turaco, National Flowernot allocated, ranks 69thin the world in terms of land area and 56thin terms of population. HISTORY Earliest proof of existence of the human civilization is of the 10th century BC. There are traces of their existence scattered throughout the country. However most of the organic stuff could not stand the ravages of time in a humid country such as Ivory Coast. Hence there are few remnants from the ancient times. The country in old times used to be a major place of trade…show more content…
They were indented for use in the army without any rights. The French discriminated with the locals and this gave rise to resentment in the country. In 1914 the country was under threat from German invasion and many people were recruited to fight. About 150,000 of the indigenous people perished due to warfare in the First World War. In the Second World War, the French were prepared and used their colony of the Ivory Coast wisely. Due to loyalty of the people the French gave the people of Ivory Coast full rights and citizenship to France. They also made many reforms in the…show more content…
Its main meal comprises tubers and grains. Cassava and plantains are the best ingredients of their cuisine. Aitiu is a ball made of corn paste. It is served with peanuts. Attieke is a side dish made with grated cassava. There are many different types of non-vegetarian dishes as well that is consumed in the country. Fish is also included in the diet. CULTURE There are more than sixty ethnic groups in the country that have been recognised and segregated. The main tribes of the country are the Baoule, Agri, Senufo, Dioula, Bete and Dan-Yacouba. They are scattered all across the nation. Akan is a major cultural group of the country which is dispersed nationwide. The religion of the country is primarily Islam followed by Christianity. Other than that there is an indigenous religion. They believe in the existence of a deity which has only one true form and the natives worship it as such. They offer prayers and flowers as offerings regularly. The sport of the country is mainly football and Rugby, each team has their own national team and club. The other major sports of the country are Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Cyclingand

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