Ivory Tower Film Analysis

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Ivory Tower Movie

The movie Ivory Tower by Andrew Rossi was a great movie that I watched in my total wellness class. It is one of those movies that leaves the viewer with a number of fascinating questions and offers many facts on the present, totally defective system of the higher education in United States. Unfortunately, it does not really focus on one point, nor suggests what to do about this situation. For example, there are at least three sections shown on the documentary that could have spoken about on their own, like a documentary only on that topic, such as the UnCollege Movement, the events at Cooper Union, and the MOOC- Massive Online Courses. There is a lot of information in the documentary that I wish it was shaped into something more solid and to the
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If the director of the movie examined more the idea of MOOC of at least offered more information about it instead of the UnCollege thing, which can be a bit disappointing for a young adult who wants to have a better future. Watching that made me think that college can be considered a bit overrated. I think that college has been sold as the key to the future, but it’s more of a key that comes with extra “costs”, such as student loans that are outrageously high. One of the reasons for this is competition between the prestigious universities out there. Because they want to offer more programs, there is the need of more facilities, more students, etc. This leads to more tuition. According to the movie, the tuition cost in US has increased more quickly than any other good or service. Because federal money was taken away from the country’s education, the loan movement has taken control, giving people debt that their kids will have to pay back. Plus, the loans have very high APR. Thanks to the movie we should ask more questions about why is the education seen as a financial privilege instead of a right for all the kids out there that really want and
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