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Tim Davis 12/2/15 Defenses of Dictatorships – Totalitarian Attitudes Released in 2014, Ivory Tower is a film that highlights the obscenities and corruption that lie within America’s web of higher education; by focusing on expenses, the benefits that those with the most power in the system reap, and the race for supremacy that colleges are running full speed in, this movie does a great job of dropping a match on the heap of disdain it’s audience had been pouring gasoline on for years – a heap of hundreds of billions of dollars of student debt that is proliferating by the day and manifesting itself in the anxieties of people all over the country. Although the film covers several stories that culminate to it’s overall message, the most powerful…show more content…
Through the utilization of nonviolent protest demonstrations, hashtag activism – using the #BlackLivesMatter on various social medias sites like Twitter – and the questioning of politicians, both in office and running for office, BLM demonstrations have been both well run and have significantly impacted it’s cause in good ways. That is, in just about every instance besides the ones they are most famous for. While one of the three cases of which I’ll classify as BlackLivesMatter’s most notable, the death of Eric Garner, had a completely appropriate and just response after police unlawfully choked him to death despite repeated pleas for mercy from Garner of “I can’t breathe”, BlackLiveMatter’s backings of the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were, in my opinion, not justifiable and detrimental to it’s cause which has rightfully protested hundreds of other cases… letting totalitarian mindsets override rationale and refusing to take no for an answer in the two most controversial and nationally-scaled cases that it has involved itself…show more content…
When the news broke, there was an immense amount of outrage that helped spark this movement, engrained with the idea that the Hispanic Zimmerman had killed Trayvon Martin out of hate and racism. To their dislike, Zimmerman was acquitted of murder charges (that were probably misled by an overwhelming media presence in the first place) and the justice department ruled there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prosecute the shooting of Trayvon Martin as a hate crime. On Internet outlets far and wide, people disgruntled by the ruling took to lashing out with accusations of racism and injustice; and while there was certainly a lot of gray area in the case in which one could argue against the acquittal, making out this ruling to being a completely ludicrous decision made the movement look bad to many, as unwavering attitudes of totalitarianism would only settle for the sentencing of George Zimmerman to prison for

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