Izaak Walton In Ayn Rand's The River Why

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In the book The River Why the main character, Gus, loves to go fishing. His mother and father love to fish too. They both read and lived by a certain book called The Compleat Angler. It too is also about fly fishing. The author of the book is Izaak Walton. He is famous throughout the world for that book. It has become one of the three most printed books of the english literature except the bible and the complete works of shakespeare. In the book Izaak influences the main character Gus by changing his outlook on God and how he questioned why he had never met God. Izaak Walton was born August 9, 1593 in Stafford, England. The register of his baptism gives his father’s name as Gervase. His father was an innkeeper and a landlord to a tavern, he died before Izaak was three. His mother then remarried another innkeeper whose name is Bourne, who would soon run the swan in Stafford. There isn’t a lot of information of him as a child except that he was an apprentice for an ironmonger. After a couple of years of…show more content…
They followed his book, he read his book when he was only fifteen. Izaak had influenced his parents life to which they always had non stop debates and because of Walton he kept notebooks on how and when he caught fish. He says,” I had for years kept notebooks- many volumes of precise accounts of when, where, and how I caught every fish. I might employ the same system of note taking to this God character. I titled these records the God notebooks” (Duncan 39). In Gus’s story he was out fishing one day when he found a dead body in the river. He then soon started to ask questions about life and what is meant for and is God real. He started asking questions that no one can answer without not completely knowing. He then soon after finds a woman named Eddy and marries her and she shows him the true meaning of love and he has a presence of a higher being in his
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