Izombie And Zombie Comparison

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Nowadays, watching movie is a hobby for everyone around the world, especially teenagers and young adults. There are so many genres to watch such as action, comedy, drama, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and many more. Talking about the genre of horror, Zombie is one of the popular themes for horror lovers. Zombie is the most known horror movie theme. Zombie itself means a dead person who can still move like an alive person.
Here, I want to compare two movies about zombie, which are iZombie and Scout Guide to The Zombie Apocalypse. iZombie tells about a career lady who has been infected by a zombie virus and physically die, but she was still conscious and can live like usual. The story is focus on that zombie girl’s daily life which totally change after she became a zombie. In the other hand, Scout Guide to The Zombie Apocalypse tells about a team of high school boys who attend scout
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First, in iZombie, the main character is a lady who is the zombie herself. The story tells more about crime where the zombie main character helps a lot in resolving the crime cases. Unlike most zombie movies, the zombie in this movie is conscious and awake like human. She still can think rationally and are not going crazy like common zombie in other movies. This female zombie also just eats dead human’s brain and never like to kill although she has great desires to eat brain. The other story with Scout Guide to The Zombie Apocalypse, the main character is a high school teenager boy who is growing up to know more mature life such as love and friendship. It has more horrific scene and graphic violence because the zombies there are dangerous and attack humans. There are also some action scenes from the movie which is not included in iZombie. The last difference I can tell is the length of the two movies. iZombie is a TV series, and Scout Guide to The Zombie Apocalypse is a single

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