J. C. Penney's Influence On Consumers

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According to Jean Kilbourne, “Advertisers want us to believe that we are not influenced by ads” (Reading Popular Culture, p.94). Advertisers depend on consumers not only being oblivious to the effects of advertisements, but also other tactics such as strategic display setups in stores, product sales, and social influences. J.C. Penney, a department store company, has an abundance of stores across the nation. Along with having stores comes products to be sold, and there must be a way to convince consumers to buy the store’s products. J.C. Penney uses a multitude of well executed advertisements and calculated strategies in order to influence current and potential consumers all throughout the United States. J.C. Penney stores use plenty of in-store techniques in…show more content…
Including a makeup section, which features the popular brand, Sephora, appeals largely to teenagers and young adults who are interested in beauty. J.C. Penney stores include a homeware section consisting of not only home furniture, but also appliances and home décor. The setup of the different store sections contributes significantly into the influence that J.C. Penney has on consumers. J.C. Penney stores are set up very similar to one another, though some are larger than others. Generally, J.C. Penney stores are extensive and include several different means of entering the store are available. Multiple entrances allow for better access to the store, specifically in locations where the J.C. Penney also has an entrance through a mall. Unlike other stores that have centralized, grouped checkouts, J.C. Penney cash registers are located all throughout the store in various places. These scattered cash registers seem to be a tactic for speedier and more pleasant service. Typically, the larger departments, like clothing and homeware, are set up around the edges of the store and smaller departments, such as
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