J Cole Be Free Analysis

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The song Be Free, J. Cole, opens with a low pitched piano composition. The tune is played relatively the same, throughout the entirety of the song, with the exception of a few high keys sprinkled in throughout its course. There is a an electronic beat layered over this simple tune that is deeply pitched as well, but played at a slightly faster pace. While there are hints of somber humming featured in spots of the song, it’s music track is fairly simple in style. Overall, the instrumentals of Be Free lack development in conjunction with J. Cole’s flow, however, this isn 't a negative factor because the tracks simplicity gives a beautiful contrast to Cole’s dynamic, yet raspy and unrefined voice. Every verse he speaks is an intense mixture of breathy shouting and angry screaming.…show more content…
Cole follows every pain filled verse with a hook that vastly differs in emotion. His voice has lost all of it’s resent filled fury and the listeners are left with whimpers of defeat. He cries “All we wanna do is take the chains off...All we wanna do is be free”, over and over again. The only notable change throughout the song comes during the third verse when J.cole seems to calm down. He begins to talk about politics, but by the end of this verse, disappointment is radiating through his soul as he is left preaching to Black men about under-education, crime and frivolous
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