Catcher In The Rye Short Biography

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J.D. Salinger was a famous writer that made his career with the polemic book "Catcher in the ing if you talked Rye". Salinger's entire name is Jerome David; he was born in January 1, 1919 and died in January 27 of 2010. Son of Sol and Marie Salinger, J.D was born in New York and died in Cornish. Other than his main book, Salinger published numerous short stories in the Story Magazine, famous for revealing new short story authors. Among them one was distinguished, "A perfect day for a bananafish", which appeared in The New Yorker.

EDUCATION In his early life, J. D went to several learning institutions: McBurney School, Valley Forge Military Academy, New York University, Columbia University and Ursinus College. His literary career started
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Holden expressed a love of everything that is related to kids, and the whole book shows us his doubt between grow or maintain his infancy.

J.D SALINGER X HOLDEN After discovering more about J. D. Salinger's life, his education, personal life etc. It is possible to build a "bridge" between Holden Caulfield and his creator. Both of them jumped from school to school, had an interest in writing and had difficulty to make friends. Actually, learning more about the author makes it easier to understand the character. Salinger changed school once due his friendship problems and once due flunking too many subjects. Holden was expelled due flunking and had problem doing friends. Also, we can relate Holden to J.D Sallinger by analyzing their opinion (aversion) to the society they were included. J. D. lived, almost his entire adult life, recluded and refusing to talk with the press. Holden expressed his aversion with society by criticising people all the time, and classifying them as 'phonies'.
Salinger expressed his childhood frustrations on Holden's life. Created a character based in his problems, that is why Holden criticizes so much everything, because he was made of problems,
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