J. D. Salinger's Characters In The Catcher In The Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye is one of the many novels that is banned from schools reading lists. This fact sparked interest in why this brilliant novel even deserves to be put on this list. We must dive deeper in the meaning behind the words and why the author created the characters the way he created them. J.D. Salinger introduces protagonist, Holden Caulfield as a pessimistic teenager who is essentially having a midlife crisis. Holden believes he lives in a world full of phonies and that this fact of the matter makes it impossible for him to grow into who he is destined to be. Salinger brings us on Holden’s journey and the path he takes after being kicked out of boarding school. Holden makes his way far away from his family to New York City in order for the expulsion to be a little easier on his parents. During his time in the big city he…show more content…
He finds himself at bars, sleeping with prostitutes, and coming into contact with old friends, strangers, and even his kid sister, Phoebe. When one makes decisions or speaks, there’s usually a reason behind it. Especially in Holden’s case. A person’s environment and circumstances plays a substantial role when observing the way they act and live out their life. Throughout this novel we will be psychoanalyzing Holden’s abnormal behavior and grasp a deeper understanding behind his actions, thoughts and words through characterization, language, and attention to detail.
With close attention to Holden’s behavior towards the beginning of the novel we can observe that he has a very dark outlook on life. Holden’s brother, Allie has passed away along with the passing of his friend, James Castle and this seems to be the primary reason for his perspective on the world and
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