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J.M. is an 82-year-old women, and lives alone. She lives in an urban area of Watertown, NY. Within, Watertown she lives in a senior living building for ages 55 and older. This building is made up of 42 apartments. The majority of the apartments are single units but there is one, two bedroom apartment. The building was opened in 2009.It is known as the Olympic Apartments building and is located in downtown Watertown. Services this building provides to the occupants includes, water, trash removal, lawn care, and snow removal. The building is under 24 hour surveillance. It is a secured building and requires a key to get in or you have to call her to enter the building. Security guards also roam the halls to ensure residents safety.
J.M is not
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I can see this because she does not socialize. She likes to stay home and watch television does not mean she is not aging appropriately. She has a very bright mind and loves to tell stories of when she was younger or when her children were younger. She doesn’t let her age hold her back. She has owned a cell phone, she can use the DVR for her television. One thing she has mentioned is that she would never want the internet or computer. She understand that she could connect with people that are out of state but she is content using her telephone for that. Some may say she fits into the negative stereotype of loneliness. I can see where one may think this because she is a widow. Her husband passed away almost 18 years ago. She is anything but lonely. Like I mentioned earlier she has a daughter that visits her often and takes her shopping. She also has a great grandson that her world lives around. He spends a lot of time with her and he is enjoyable company for her. She gets him soda when he arrives and enjoys playing card games and chess with him.
Elderly are put into negative stereotypes without knowing the individual. Once you get to know the person you can clearly see that these stereotypes are not the

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