J. Matthew Pinson's Perspectives On Contemporary Christian Worship

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J. Matthew Pinson is an Arminian theologian and president of Free Will Baptist Bible College in Nashville. He wrote remarkable books related to Theology of salvation such as Armenian and Baptist and Four views on Eternal Security. Additionally, Pinson and his contributors wrote Perspectives on Christian Worship: 5 Views where they explore different thoughts on contemporary Christian Worship. This work is an analysis of five styles of worship: liturgical, traditional evangelical, contemporary, blended and emerging. Each style is addressed by influential Evangelical leaders such as Timothy C. J. Quill, Ligon Duncan, Dan Wilt, Michael Lawrence and Mark Dever and Dan Kimball. Pinson’s purpose is to explain that “each one of these worship styles represents a concrete tradition or a response…show more content…
They define the five types of worship suggested by Pinson: liturgical, traditional evangelical, contemporary, blended, and emerging. One could describe each section of the book as a debate where each author explains the foundations of his worship style and then the others participants of the discussion reply. Positively, the analysis of each worship style can be better comprehended by readers when they associate different opinions about the subject.
Pinson’s thesis is also strongly developed, where he focuses on the worship ideals based on biblical teaching and historical traditions. His contributors support also the same philosophy where God and the Gospel must be the center of every style of worship (16). Also, the contributors’ arguments are quite strong because their thesis is consistent with the biblical teaching. However, each author supports specific worship practices as introduced early in this book. Indeed, the authors’ concern about the current Christians’ worship practices can be described as one of the strengths of this
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