J R Richard Broke Case Study

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#10. J.R. Richard Suffers Stroke On Field
Houston Astros pitching ace J. R. Richard collapsed during a rehab stint, at the Astrodome, on July 30, 1980. Thje Astros put Richard on the DL when he felt numbness and his arm “go dead” during a July 14 game against the Braves. For two weeks he felt lingering pain and tightness. He complained to the training staff and sought medical advice, but Richard said that his concerns fell on deaf ears. Transported to the hospital, medical personel determined Richard suffered a stroke. After rehabilitation, Richard attempted a comeback in the Astros minor league system but never recovered enough to regain his prior command of the baseball.

#9.Dravecky Breaks Arm Not Just Once But Twice
Pitcher Dave Dravecky of the San Francisco was pitching against the Expos, on August 15, 1989, at the Olympic Stadium. Dravecky was coming off of a rehabilitation stint for the removal of a cancerous tumor, in his throwing arm in 1988. After the fifth inning, Dravecky complained of arm pain, but still took the mound in the sixth. With Tim Raines at the plate, as Dravecky came out of the windup and threw the baseball, his humerus bone broke in half. He dropped to the turf with trainers from both teams rushing to his aid. He would miss the rest of the season. As the Giants celebrated winning the National
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He was the spark plug of 1987 and 1991 World Series Championship teams. He won six Gold Gloves awards, 10 All-Star game appearances, and a .318 batting average during a 12-year career. At spring training camp in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1996, Kirby arose and discovered he had sight in only one eye, on March 28.Diagnosed as glaucoma, Kirby Puckett went on the DL. His eyesight never returned and on July 212, Kirby Puckett announced his retirement. The Twins organization retired Puckett 's #34 in 1997. On March 5, 2006, Kirby Puckett suffered a massive stroke and
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