JFK: A Fallen Hero

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Essay – JFK; Fallen hero 3 There are many examples of fallen heroes in history. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is a prime example. With the study of what made him a hero, his assassination and his legacy. We can conclude JFK is clearly a fallen hero. JFK has a great military background. One day his boat was sinking and he went inside of the boat to save the remaining surviving crew members and brought them to shore (Biography.com). He was then remembered as a hero. Afterwards, his political career started. In 1960, JFK has gotten elected president of the USA at age 43. He became the 35th president of the USA (Wikipedia.org). He had runned a long campaigned and delivered the best speeches to gain his reputation. Therefore, during his presidency he had lots to accomplished. In 1962, JFK has leaked…show more content…
One of Americas heroes has gotten their fall. Therefore, On November 21st, JFK arrives in Dallas to deliver a speech on the following day (history.com). JFK wanted to go to Dallas so he could get more followers. Then on the following day, November 22nd 1963, JFK and his wife travelled through Dallas to go to the site to deliver his speech. John wanted his sun roof down so he can wave at people (Encyclopedia.com). JFK was a great guy he always wanted to be around people and say hi that’s one of the reasons why he liked to wave at people. As he drove through the streets, at 12:30pm the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald has taken a shot from a building and killed the president (History.com). There’s many beliefs of why Lee killed JFK but we will never know the real motive of his assassination. John F Kennedy has been transported to parkland hospital and has been pronounced dead at 1pm (Wikipedia.org). He had to be transported to the nearest hospital so he could be saved but it didn’t end well. This tragedy has shocked the entire
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