JFK Inaugural Speech

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John F. Kennedy delivers one of the most passionate and cogent speeches ever given in American history on January 20, 1961. With the trepidation of nuclear war and communism, leaving Americans restless, JFK conveys a calming wave as he delivers his Inaugural speech as the 35th president of the US. Although; JFK’s speech was one of the shortest and simple, it manages to win countless hearts of various people around the world due to an exceptional use of rhetorical and persuasive strategies. Using the position of a president, Kennedy reaches his high-strung audience and illustrates that he will ensure the welfare of the nation as an American citizen like themselves. JFK distinctly uses his platform to emphasize that he will not shrink away from his responsibilities, In Fact; he will welcome it. He demonstrates this when he proudly accepts the apprehensive fact that only a few generations,including his, are granted the role of defending freedom at its maximum danger. As an immensely religious person, JFK uses many examples from the Bible to connect with his chiefly Christian audience. For…show more content…
This being said it's apparent that Kennedy wishes to make peace with threatening nations. His use of the metaphor “the chains of poverty” signifies that poverty is solvable if nations work together. To inspire the people to make the world a safer place, Kennedy uses emotion-arousing words. For example, he reminds Americans of their forefathers and appeals to their patriotism to enhance their way of thinking to match this generation. In fact; he used terms like ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’. With no doubt, Kennedy obtains the hearts of those who lost their loved ones, furthermore, inspiring them to generate a safer
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