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Introduction Managing supervisor of Department O, Wilma Coogan, asked if I could make a report on extending telecommuting at the Corona Corporation. Telecommuting is working from a remote location, away from the standard work office. Remote locations can range from the home of the employee to any place with an Internet connection and the required tools (Ye, 2012). Although we are currently using this concept, there is no formal telecommuting method for our company. Six months ago, Mr. McMillan expressed he wanted someone to do research on how to implement remote work in our company. J.C Haverman was the man for the job; however, he left the corporation and did not finish the report. I will be the one to finish this report To understand…show more content…
Utilize the survey data collected by J. C. Haverman 3. Research the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting 4. Research a plan to efficiently implement telecommuting 5. Analyze all the research collected and prepare a recommendation report Task 1: Utilizing the survey data collected by J. C. Haverman In performing Task 1, I analyzed the telecommuting survey and research created by the pervious managing supervisor J.C Haverman. Before he left the corporation, Haverman created a questionnaire for the employees to express their thoughts on telecommuting. The survey asked the employees their opinion on telecommuting. To get the employees opinion is important, because they are the ones who are going carry out the job. The questionnaire Haverman was designed for 42 employees working in our department. The questions and the rationale behind them are listed in the table 1. Table 1. Corona Telecommuting Questionnaire Question Rationale 1. Do you feel well-informed enough about telecommuting to form valid opinions about it? This question will indicate if the employees know what is telecommuting. This is vital because if they don’t then the questionnaire won’t be…show more content…
If you had the opportunity to work from home, would you share the cost by providing your own computer, printer, and required peripherals, home-office furniture, telephone equipment, and heating, lighting, and other utilities? This question is to save the corporation money. If the employees are willing to help with the cost of their individual telecommuting sites, it can vastly benefit the company. 10. Please provide whatever additional observations you think will help in deciding about telecommuting Because the corporation wants to know if there is anything they omitted in the questions above. Task 2: Research the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting In performing Task 2, I sought to answer the following question: “What are the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting, and can the corporation withstand and adapt with the disadvantages.” With the help of the Google search engine, I was able to find ample amount of information pertaining to the pros and cons to telecommuting. I accumulated information through several of sources. The Washington Post published an article on this subject March 2013. To gain further insight on the subject, I searched and found an article published by HR Daily Advisor, created in April

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