JMU Honors Program Analysis

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Am I a talented, high-achieving, and motivated student who is looking to make the most of of my college experience? Am I interested in putting myself in the best academic position for a successful career after graduation? Am I looking for opportunities to think critically and express myself creatively in a supportive community of like-minded students and faculty? Yes, yes, and yes! When I read the description of the JMU Honors program and saw the three questions that described the desired candidate, I couldn 't help but think that this was the perfect program for me. Throughout high school, I have continually challenged myself by taking classes that required my constant attention and focus. Other than required classes, I have taken nothing but Honors and AP courses. During my junior year, I also worked an average of 25 hours/week. Between work and my difficult class load, I have learned many lessons about balance and time-management. At the end of my junior year, I was ranked in the top 4% of my 430-person class. Even in my senior year, when others were relieved to finally have a "slack year", I pushed…show more content…
I plan to utilize the lessons I learned in high school to continue to excel in the classroom. I love the idea that by being in the JMU Honors program, I will have access to smaller classes, engaged faculty and experiential learning. I am excited at the thought of living and studying with other students who have my same academic focus and I look forward to taking advantage of every opportunity the program would offer. In summary, I think I would be the perfect candidate for the JMU Honors program because I have a desire to continually challenge myself and to strive for excellence. I want to make the most of my four years of college and, just like high school, I plan to excel academically. I believe that being part of the JMU Honors program would be an important part of my academic
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