JROTC And Militarism In Schools

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Delaware Military Academy was the first JROTC high school. Over the years the program has expanded to thousands of schools across the country, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had it’s fair share of controversy. Committees like American Friends Service, Veterans For Peace, and War Resisters League have all been actively against JROTC and militarism in schools. From 1999 through 2008 anti-militarism groups have found cases of high cost, low quality curriculum, abuse from instructors, and students forced to join the program without parental consent. The most recent case was in May of 2008, JROTC was “found” to have violated the United Nations Sponsored Convention on the rights of the child by targeting students…show more content…
I think that in 100 years JROTC will be utilized in more schools, students in the program will be more self-motivated, aware, and disciplined. What I mean by aware is that student will become more aware of everything around them, more informed. I also think that the curriculum will be more diverse. It will expand from not just military and physical health but also to mental/emotional health. Mental health is discussed in the curriculum but it doesn’t compare to the amount of military and physical health topics discussed. Teenagers need to know about the importance of mental health but health class barely spends time on that subject. In my opinion JROTC has a lot to do with mental/emotional health. Another important addition to the curriculum would be technology. It is a big part of society today as well as in the military. Today’s technology would need to be used in creative ways to get students to express…show more content…
It has started to become more relatable to the period of time it lives in. The program needs to and seems to change with the time to stay relevant and useful in today’s society. The program will still have the same mission and priorities but the curriculum would need to be more evolved and it would need to expand to different topics. High schools all over the country should be helping students find career opportunities; JROTC is a very helpful program for that. Discipline is enforced in JROTC, which discipline isn’t just important in a job but also in daily life. As stated in the first paragraph leadership, diversity, wellness, achievement, and character education are also
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