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“It taught me values”, “It taught me maturity”, “I’ve met and become friends with people in this program that I never would’ve associated with before”, “You gave us stuff we can use in the real world, like interviews, speaking skills, politics”, “Taught me self-respect and how to respect others”, “PT”, “It taught me about values and how to get along in life”, “It forces me to think about my future.” These quotes are from the Cadets of Somerset’s JROTC Program in Pennsylvania. The program needed “$65,000 re-occurring commitment by the April 12 (school board meeting) to begin the program again next year.” Rita Halverson, author of dailyamerican.com. This article is from April 08, 2011, meaning this website has been up for a rough four years and nine months. If this is what JROTC students thought about this program in 2011, approximately four years ago, imagine what those programs will look like in the future, say three or four more years. If this positive thinking continues, the experience will be much different, fresh, improved, and we will have a more positive impact, as a result.

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We know what JROTC has looked like in the past hundred years, and even at ancient times. But the future is something that isn’t guaranteed in the textbooks. In the future, this program will look much different than the present and there will be a different experience, concerning all types of different, new problems to figure out. All leading up to a bigger, hopefully better, impact on our society and the cadets that participate. I’ll leave off with this: Abraham Lincoln said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” So instead of focusing so heavily on the past and purpose of JROTC, reflect it onto the effect of the past on the present, and creating our own future and

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