JROTC Reflection Essay

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As my junior year starting JROTC as the first year is quite late, but I'm glad that I have chosen to join because I have learned a lot just from my 1st semester so I decided to continue the rest of my high school year in JROTC. The mission of JROTC is “ To motivate young people to become better citizens” which I think JROTC has taught me how to prepare for service, service to others is about helping out the community. How you become one better citizen is what JROTC helps you. JROTC encouraged cadets to achieve their own abilities and what they are capable of doing out of their best. Also JROTC is not all about learning out from the book, we all work as a team, we communicate, and we work together as a squad, platoon and company become one teamwork.
In JROTC I acknowledge and accept others and learn from their unique skill and find a way to improve myself. JROTC taught me to work together, helping each other out that is the only key to success.As if you start volunteering you will get your volunteer hours and also become a better citizen and show what you can give back to the community. JROTC helps you to face the real world meeting and communicate with others on your own. Community service learning is helping the benefit of our school and
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The experience of helping others, help me understand what to focus and how to think like adults. No matter what you come across in life you will pass through with all grateful and joyful time with your friend, teacher and family. Also all the advice that JROTC has taught me that encourage me to become a better citizen. Volunteer is an important part of being a member of a community, it allows people to know that they will have the support in the community when it difficult time. JROTC allows me to be positive and influence other young people, it instills self esteem, teamwork and leadership skills and
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