JROTC Scholarship Essay

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Over 32 schools watching your every single movement. Over 200 people watching whether or not you make a mistake and 5 judges grading you on precision and even creativity in some aspects. I would experience this almost every month during competition, but not until my 10th grade year. Right before high school my friend Oscar had convinced me to join JROTC and since I was planning on joining the service I thought it would be a good idea. The class had many after school teams such as rifle team, drill, and raiders. I hadn 't joined any of the teams and because of that I was looked down upon by upperclassmen and others who had joined those teams. In the period I was in, almost every freshman would grow up to be great leaders for our school and for the JROTC program. As for me I could care less and decided only on passing my classes and didn 't care about being active in my school and for that I hadn 't made much friends in the JROTC program almost like an outcast, but that also went for any other kid…show more content…
After junior varsity competition was over, varsity was right around the corner and my tremendous job on JV had guaranteed my spot on one of the varsity teams. I was put on armed platoon which consisted of 13 cadets including the commander. There was a few upperclassman who thought I would cause them to lose, but I would practice to make sure I would be perfect. After three weeks of practice my very first Varsity competition had started and was hosted at the University of Tampa, competing with about 32 other schools in Florida. Stakes were very high that day for our school as we had always been the ones who would come out on top. I practiced with the team to make sure I was perfectly aligned with my row and made movements altogether with everyone else. At the end of the when the top three were being announced our school had won over 8 events including the one I was in. I had proved many of the upperclassman wrong and would consistently do this throughout that season of
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