Murder In Malaysia Essay

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Jabari fails his police college exams. His grandfather suggests that he should go to Malaysia for a vacation and visit his uncle Tabor. Tabor is a courier in a small village. Tabor goes to the airport and picks Jabari up. At that time, Tabor’s phone is ringing and it is his friend constable K who tells Tabor to escape because he is being accused of the murderer. Soon, they are discovered by the police and Tabor hides in a crowded market with Jabari to get rid of the police chasing them. The next day, Jabari and Tabor’s faces appear all over the news with an order for arrest. They are accused of killing Pa and stealing diamonds. Tabor remembers that last week he delivered a package to Pa’s carport, but he doesn’t see him. Jabari and Tabor have fallen in this murder innocently. Jabari only wanted a vacation, he did not do anything he was accused of. Unfortunately, they have to find out the real murderer to show they are not guilty. Jabari clams down to think and decides to return the crime scene first.…show more content…
They enter Pa’s room which is so clean and Tabor says “What a clean room it is! The owner is either girly or gay.” Then, they look outside and find the surveillance camera is on the opposite side. Therefore, they go and visit one of Tabor's friends who is a computer programmer. After a while, he works it out and they scrutinize the vide. Unfortunately, with only seven days of video, the camera automatically updates in a week. However, Tabor distinguishes the white car which he saw on that day. Moreover, they can clearly see the license plate number with the help of the programmer. Finally, they find the car in a repair

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