Jabari Case Study

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R/s Crystal locks her son Jabari (12) out of the home. R/s in the past, Crystal had locked Jabari out of the house at 2 am. R/s Jabari was locked out of the house again this morning at 2 am. R/s Crystal has her boyfriend Parker living in the home. R/s recently, Parker had beaten Jabari and Jabari’s leg was swollen. R/s Crystal is a heavy drinker.

R/s she is Jabari’s paternal grandmother. R/s at the end of April she received a call at 2 am from Jabari stating his mother locked him out of the house. R/s she went to pick Jabari up and when she called Crystal to find out why Jabari was locked out of the home Crystal just laughed. R/s Crystal was shocked that she was outside with Jabari. R/s Crystal’s explanation was that she was going to beat Jabari but he ran out of the house. R/s this morning @ 5:15 am Jabari called to say he was outside and he has been locked out since 2 am this morning. R/s Jabari said he was being chase so he ran outside. R/s Jabari said he was hungry and he haven’t eaten since 4 pm yesterday. R/s Crystal never gives a clear explanation of what Jabari is doing wrong that requires discipline. R/s Crystal just says Jabari doesn’t not listen and he don’t do what she asks him to do. R/s this morning when she was on the phone with Jabari she heard a scream and the call was disconnected. R/s Jabari called back and said Parker was chasing him and he had to jump over a ditch. R/s she is meeting Jabari @ 11:30 at Food Lion to buy him some food and try to talk a little more with him. R/s according to Crystal and Jabari, LE had been at the residence but the cops are
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According to his mother he doesn’t listen.

The family resides in a trailer parker. The home address is 702 Fogel Street in Georgetown.

Mom is a heavy drinker. Mom has a boyfriend in the home.

Mom works her hours are from 12pm to 10 pm at night.
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