Jabatan Pertanian Literature Review

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This chapter will briefly explain about the background of the Jabatan Pertanian, the definition and advantages and disadvantages of online application system, the similar system as online application system, the definition of agriculture equipment and materials, and the methodology that will be used in this research project.
2.1. The Background of Jabatan Pertanian
The Jabatan Pertanian was established in 1905. The main function of this department at that particular time was to implement the agricultural policies outlines by the Government. The objective of the Pejabat Pertanian is to give provision of consultation services, technical support and professional advice in various agriculture fields especially in the
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This non-visual interfaces is the application system that exchange data electronically with other applications through a network.

2.2.2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Application System
The advantages of online application system is online application system is easy and convenience. The applicants who want to apply the application did not have to worry about filling in the error-free hard copy forms and spending more money on postage to return the application. Furthermore, the applicant did not have to worry about the receiving of the application because by applying online the applicant will know that the application has been safely receives by the admin because there is some receipt of confirmation at the end of the process (Roennevig M., n.d.).

The disadvantage is the drop-offs and timeouts. Although many online application system provide potential candidates with a facility to save their information after they finished fulfill the application, the internet service drop-offs and system timeouts can result in the loss of application content at any point throughout the process and that will make the applicant has to go back to the beginning and enter their details from scratch (Roennevig M.,

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