Jabberwocky Analysis

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The television show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is meant to bring its viewers into a pretentious, unrealistic world accredited by an unlimited amount of fame and money. Most viewers watch to be entertained by a lifestyle that they would never be able to have, which is how poet, Lewis Carroll, felt about the lifestyle of the Victorian era. While the people surrounding him were attached to the societal standards of men and women, Carroll felt that creativity was a more important objective in life. Carroll was able to find inspiration to write his famous poem, “Jabberwocky”, through his love for logic, the lifestyle of the Victorian era, and his strong relationships with young children.
Carroll had a creative early childhood. Born on January 27, 1832 into the small town of Daresbury, England, Carroll was given a protected and secluded childhood. The family found themselves surrounded by the comfort of each other, and did not have many opportunities to meet new people (Poetry Foundation). Carroll was the third of eleven children in tight-knit bunch of a family. Being a role model to his younger siblings, Carroll found himself entertaining the younger ones with performances such as marionette shows and magic tricks, and even wrote poems and word games for his family’s personal magazine (Glencoe). Carroll maintained a successful academic career through his schooling. As Carroll grew up, his parents managed to gain him a spot at the Christ Church at Oxford University. He
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