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Lewis Carroll, in,”Jabberwocky,” tells an inspiring tale, one filled with charming rhyme and rhythm, interesting use of language, and a central message different for every person that encounters the poem. “Jabberwocky” not only is a great poem after one read, but with each time the poem is read, the reader gains slightly more insight into the poem’s meaning. This poem tells of a mythical creature that a young man sets out to slay. He comes back to his home victorious, having slain the Jabberwock. Though the plot at first glance might seem simple,but the author, Carroll, shapes this whimsical story’s mood. Carroll has written,”Jabberwocky” as a nonsense poem. With lines like,”Twas brillig, and the slithy toves”(1,1) and,” All mimsy were the…show more content…
The first and third lines each have eight syllables, and they both rhyme. The second and fourth lines each have 6 syllables, and the two lines also rhyme. This structure, one similar to that of a song, also gives a cheerful, happy tone, with its continuous rhythm. We can feel the rhythm, and we are almost able to sing the poem, a song that would mean different things to different people. The poem,”Jabberwocky,” is amazing not only for the masterful technical application of its author, Carroll, but also its unique ability to mean different things to different people. One person might find the story to be about the epic battle of Good vs. Evil, with good prevailing in the end. Others might say that the poem is one giant metaphor, the Jabberwock representing fear and adversity, and how man can triumph over his fear. Some might say that there is no deeper meaning, and that there is nothing but nonsense in,” Jabberwocky”. It is ultimately this flexible theme, one that becomes whatever you want it to be, that in addition to Carroll’s technical prowess, gives, “Jabberwocky,” it’s
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