Jack Aenean Monologue

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Hot. It's awfully hot today. It's so hot that you can see the ondulations that the heat is making. I swear that if you drop an egg on the stree, before it falls it will be only cinders. Why, in the name of god, the food ended up today? WHY????????? All I wanted was to stay home and play games all day. But nooooo, the food has to finish right!? Well, it's no use to be angry now, let's just go back home fast, prepare the food and go back to play games all day. Oh. Hello there, sorry I didn't introduce myself early. My name is Jack Aenean. I'm what you would call an ikemen. What I do of my life? Well, I own in stock half of the world, I mean literally. Who's the fault? My parents thinked that it would be good to introduce me, a genius with an IQ of more than 500 to the market early on life. Now you see what happens right? Now that I talked about how I look like, and a bit of my…show more content…
Was. The. Best. Sex. Of. My. Life! She is amazing. Not only she knows an uncountable number of positions, for both genders, I never thought that womans feet that way on sex, not to forget how anal is a bliss after the pain... Opsss, I may have become addicted now. ''Now my dear, after the little rab-'' ''Wait, wait, wait, wait. Dear!?'' ''Well, you expected what after our sex rounds?? Sincely, I never thought that you would made me cum, but for you to be this capable to even tame me, that's amazing. And for that I will grant you 10x more mana than what you will have. After all, I don't want my sweet little darling to die.'' ''Thank you dear Eli, I promise that I will come back for more. And you don't mind with who or how I made sex when I go there right? After all I have my urges.'' ''No I don't, now I think it's time to go don't you think?'' So it's time huh? ''Farewell Elisy, and that I may see you again after this next life'' And everything goes

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