Jack And Beanstalk Summary

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The two different ending in Jack and Beanstalk and After twenty years To star with “Jack and Beanstalk”, the story is talk about a poor widow said only to her son after the departure of his father: we are left only this cow show it for sale and when he went to the market to sell bought him a charming and rather than give him the money gave him five beads beans, because she saw the mother is very sad and I felt that her son lost all they owned until Cow, and he threw grain out of the window, the next day I grew grain grown magically wonderful and became a tree in a huge, crossed his face curiosity to climb the tree and when he reached the summit saw a palace of gold approached and rang the door, went out his girl Belle told him she Ghoul wife, and warned him that he returned saw and you'll eat it, and hid it in the basement and after that Ghoul returned home, he said: smell child refuted his wife so after lunch immortalized Ghoul to sleep and then the boy came out of the basement and saw guitar of gold took her and when he woke up Ghoul tried to attack him but he ran away from him and got out. The tree and cut…show more content…
Seen in this light, the ending is fitting for a “good guy”. However, the ending does not seem to be sensible at all if Jack’s actions are seen in a less favorable light. Then the ending would seem to be rather forced onto the story. The reader is left wondering why a robber and murder should be rewarded with riches and a great princess as a wife and be allowed to live happily ever
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