Jack And Sarah Byrnes In 'Finding Forrester'

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At the beginning of Finding Forrester, Jamal doesn’t know what to do with his career. He likes writing and reading but doesn’t talk about it. He gets a “C” average. In other words he does just enough to get by, just enough not to get noticed. If he shows his talent he could turn into an outcast. Despite all of that, when he receives an incredibly high score on his standardized tests he gets into a prestigious prep school. In the middle of all of this, he meets William Forrester, a Pulitzer winning prize author who helps him with his writing. Meeting him helps Jamal finding a goal in his life. Jack and Sarah Byrnes have similar problems but very different problems. Jack doesn’t know what to do when his father tells him that he is gay. He is infact very scared of what could happen and whether he also is gay as well. On the other hand, Sarah Byrnes has been neglected ever since she was very young. She has burns on her face and has been made fun of by other kids. Since then, she has learned to be independent which…show more content…
When she was young she got burned from pulling spaghetti on herself. Now she has scars from those burns. During her childhood years she was a very tough and independent girl. However, she was very insecure and hid her real self. When she was hospitalized she told Eric the real reason she got burned. Her dad burned her when she was three because of an argument between him and her mother. Recently he has started drinking again and Sarah is scared because of what he could do. Eric then tells Sarah’s situation to Ms. Lemry their teacher. Sarah is not very happy about the situation as she considers this “betrayal”. However, she learns to get along with Lemry and also realizes they share similar values. This makes her happy to finally find an adult that she likes and trust. Ms. Lemry melted Sarah Byrnes’s frozen heart. Now Sarah has learned to trust people and find confidence in
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