Jack Dempsey Advantages And Disadvantages

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“The Great Dempsey”
“A champion is someone who's ready when the gong rings- not just before, not just after- but when it rings.” This quote represents Jack Dempsey because he was always prepared and worked very hard to earn world titles many times. He was a very good boxer who proved himself multiple times by defeating people that doubted him. Dempsey had huge disadvantages because of his height and weight. He was very small to be fighting in the heavyweight division only weighing at 187 pounds and his height being 6’1” but he still managed to win using his quickness to win. Jack Dempsey was one of the best boxers of all time (‘Jack Dempsey Biography”).
Dempsey was born on June 24, 1895, he worked as a farmer, miner, and cowboy at …show more content…

Floyd Mayweather was a light weight champion only three times and Dempsey was the world champion 5 times within 6 years fighting men of all sizes. Everyone loved Mayweather making it easier for him than Dempsey because he just had to tough it through with very little support and was still very successful (“Floyd Mayweather Biography”). Roberto Duran was very fast with his moves in boxing just like Dempsey was. Rumor has it that Duran would beg out of fights by saying “no mas” over and over if he thought he couldn't win but he says that he never said those words. In fights Dempsey would never back out of a fight when he got there, He only ran when he was around 16 from men that he would come across when he was working (“Roberto Duran Biography”). Muhammad Ali was one of the boxers that if he lost one match he would continue a losing streak. It started out with him losing to Frazier and Ken Norton back to back, then soon after he lost his title to Leon Spinks. Muhammad Ali lost to Trevor Berbick and then retired. Jack Dempsey would have never just given up just because he lost (“Muhammad Ali Biography”) (“Jack Dempsey

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