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This is a techno-thriller novel and its story revolves around the main protagonist Jack Forman. The whole narration is done by him and the reader visualizes the story from his perspective. Jack is a computer programmer and worked for MediaTronics company. Jack was fired from the company when he confronted his senior about the irregularities and selling of private algorithms of the company to outsiders. He was now a House husband and was looking after his children. His wife Julia worked as the Vice Chairman at nanorobotics comapany Xymos which was working on incorporating biological process in the new robots that they were creating. They had contract with the Military to work on a project about developing a new innovative Spycamera which is made at nanoscale and is so small that it can even go inside the blood stream of human beings.…show more content…
Julia met with an accident, and people at Xymos now look upon Jack’s help as they had used his algorithms to develop these nano robots. When he reaches the facility he finds that these nanobots that move in a swarm have escaped from the lab into the desert and not only reproducing but also hunting down animals. Jack and his colleagues hunt down the nest of swarms in the middle of the desert and destroyed their nest . After destroying the nest in the desert they came to know that these particles can not only eat away humans but can alss possess them and control their actions. Later on , they came to know that still some of the group of swarms were remaining. Theses swarms had possessed Julia and other colleagues at the facility. Jack came to know that these swarms were trained by Julia to enhance the evolving and learning process of the swarms. All of the lab employees in the facility were infected by the swarms except Jack and his colleague

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