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Jack Graham was like any other everyday man. He’s tall, black-haired, has green eyes, hairy arms. He has a job, he made money, he had a wife, and he lived in an average-sized home. He differs from the rest of society because of his devotion to rugby. He lived in London, England where rugby was big. He’s only 35, so he has a lot of the world left to understand. He owns these casual White England sneakers which are his most favorite thing in the world. His dad loved rugby, and played on the England National Rugby Union Team. Jack was given his father’s White England sneakers before his father passed away, so he promised to live up to his father’s devotion to rugby. Obesity was the only thing stopping Jack from actually playing rugby. He loves…show more content…
The advertisement showcased a 1,000 pound sterling prize if anyone can score a point against “The Big Beast”. Jack was tempted to try, but he thought to himself he wouldn’t be good enough. The battle would take place in about a week, but Jack had nothing in him to get training and lose weight. The next five days were hell. Jack kept receiving eviction notices, he was depressed with what his life turned out to be, and England’s rugby team were having a hard time in the World Cup. Suddenly, awful news spread about an England rugby player getting severely injured. Jonny Wilkinson, leading point scorer for England, tore his ACL in a game facing Fiji. The team suffered a devastating blow, but the management decided the winner of the tournament would be playing as the replacement of Jonny Wilkinson. Jack was melancholy, but he realized he needed to try to win to live up to his father’s name. He got up from his couch, but he fell right back onto it. He was balling from all the stress that attacked him. The White England shows were conspicuous in the eyes of Jack. A depiction of his father kept running through his head. This time he muscled enough courage to stand up, grab the shoes, and hit the weights. The highest you could be to take part in the tournament was 300 pounds, and Jack was 350. The competition was just around the corner. Jack spent hours in the gym building muscle instead of fat, and reviewing significant rugby plays. He was ready. Before he left for the competition, a recorded message start ringing in his ears from his phone, “Hello, Jack. We wish to inform you that your rent is overdue, and we will be taking your house in 24 hours if you can’t
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