Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion Analysis

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Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion relationships (30 points). For the Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion book, do the following: One thing that relates to each other in both books is the view on women in society. There are many stereotypes about women being viewed as lower on the chain. In “The Art and Science of Leadership”, it is said that women have less authority in leadership positions, and women also only hold ten percent of leadership positions (41). Women face more things in their life which make them unavailable at times to be able to work. This means that they may be viewed as not as productive as men. This relates to the explanation of women in the “Influence” book as well. One example is where it says that women are…show more content…
He is a big thinker who makes smart executive decisions , and he very encouraging towards his employees and never discourages them when they make mistakes because he know what it mean leadership in his team. The principles that the corporation uses go back to India’s ancient culture and religion which is based on the values of “integrity, hospitality, humility, kindness, and selflessness” (Nahavandi 62). This company’s management style could prosper in other situations, as it did so in the Taj Mahal as well. The values created in this company are that it should valued…show more content…
According to the text, Hartnett treats his employees harshly so that they are too scared to mess up and face the consequences. He has eight commandments that his workers must follow which seems like a little much. He also always thinks he is right and won’t take much advice from his employees. In my opinion, t is a good opportunity to work for Jack Hartnett because he is paying a good money , taking all employees to trip , and I like jobs where I cannot do mistakes it is more pressure on me. The last CEO of Lehman Brothers case (10 points). Refer to the case on pp. 174-175 of The Art and Science of Leadership. Richard Fuld was the last CEO of the Lehman Brothers financial firm. He was a intense and serious man who also had a appearance that made people want to follow him. His nickname was the “gorilla. Fuld abused his power by getting mad at his employee for wearing the wrong colored suit, and he also fired someone for wearing the wrong shade of lipstick. These are acts of abuse of power as

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