Jack In Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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Golding continues to used the changes that each character goes through to show that although evil may live inside one, a person’s background contributes greatly to their outcome. To prove this, Golding uses the character Jack who grew up in a wealthy home and could be considered stuck up and selfish. Throughout the novel these characteristics are shown through the way that he handles being stuck in an isolated island. Jack first begins to reveal his true self when he says “ ‘There were lashings of blood.’ said Jack laughing and shuddering, ‘You should have seen it’ ” (pg. 69). This quote demonstrates the beginning of Jacks transition from civilization to savagery. When Jack says “lashings of blood” he is referring to the blood of the dead pig. Here Jack is…show more content…
However, it also shows that although Jack is becoming a savage he still has civilization in him. This is demonstrated when Golding uses the word “shuddering” because although Jack was laughing he seemed uncomfortable and frightened. This shows that Jack has not lost himself completely because he still has trouble killing others without feeling guilty or sick. Finally, when Jack says “ You should have seen it” he is really trying to influence Ralph and the boys to brutally kill the animals on the island. This encourages the rest of the boys to become hunters since they too want to feel the sense of power that Jack appears to have. This quote shows that after a certain amount of time humans began to change and reveal their “true” selves. Jack begins to portray a darker character who enjoys destroying those around him. This change from being an uptight choir boy to a savage demonstrates that men are inherently evil since no one taught Jack to act this way. Instead he is the one who is encouraging those around to become more like him. Adding on, Jack’s laugh was a way of showing that humans enjoy watching others
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