Jack In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Even though a lot of people consider William Golding a great British novelist and author, he has also written novels which illustrate a variety of life themes. As the gap between the date of publication of a work and the current date increases, the irrelevance of the novel to present society also arises. William Golding served in the British Navy during World War ll. During the war, he managed to see how people were able to cause violence, understanding that a human being can be shaped by savagery. Referring to the novel, at the beginning, a plane transporting British boys is shot down, the boys exit the wreckage of the plane and understand that they are on a deserted island, far from society. This masterpiece eloquently expresses how when…show more content…
The author applies Jack in the novel in order so people understand the thirst for power in society. Jack is a character whose behavior is shaped by the mentality of being the best which is frequently encountered in society, given that extremely ambitious people would do anything in order to have influence and fame. Like Jack, a lot of people will manipulate their friends in order to exert power over them, wanting to keep their high position in society. Specifically, in chapter 2, Ralph requested that the boys stay on the hill in order to illuminate the island, thus them being rescued. Jack persuaded the other boys to make a fire to scare away the beast. This shows Jack’s willingness to secure power. When people have the opportunity to hold the “conch,” they are able to transform into severe savages, disregarding civilization’s moral beliefs. In general, this can be noticed in politics, taking into account that conservative parties regularly want to preserve hierarchy, not wanting to change social status, by imposing tax breaks for corporations and the elite. Specifically, at the start of the book, Ralph wanted the choir to serve under his command, but Jack persuaded Ralph to lead his own group. Jack offered the other boys the meat of the pig, gaining control. Ralph’s attempt to persuade the boys to secure the fire on the hill is
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