Jack London Individuality

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When you look back on the idea that Jack London’s Mother tried to killer herself twice while pregnant for him, you begin to see what a difference this World would be without the writer he was. His books have always interested me in more ways than one. I always get hooked on books that have more of a meaning than just a common one that is simply shown. When he learned about the news of his step-father’s health was beginning to fail, he decided that in order to support his Mother, he’d become a professional writer and made it his goal to write every day up to 1,000 words. While reading through I realized that “the man” within the story based his actions on intellectuality instead of instincts whereas “the dog” did the exact opposite. Throughout…show more content…
Thinking about this, we believe it is due to the fact that the environment has more of an effect on him than the free will he contains or his individuality. During the story, we realize that the goal is for the man to make it to the camp where “the boys,” are supposed to be and the possibility of gold. The man’s biggest mistake was his inability to realize that his present acts would have great consequences on his future. London describes at the beginning of the story the extreme coldness. “The man” also doesn’t take the time to figure out that building a fire under a spruce tree may not be the best idea. He bases his actions by intellectuality—like scientific indicators, such as when he bases the temperature with degrees Fahrenheit. The man decided against or never thought about what would occur with the use of instincts and without the use of them, he wasn’t informed of exactly how dangerous some actions were. Where the man lacks due to free will, it exonerates his responsibility of the accidents that he has. London writes for the second accident as his “own fault or, rather, his mistake.” Fault implies an individual has full or complete responsibility. A mistake, however, is an incident normally isolated that is out of one’s
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