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Jack London

“You can 't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” By Jack London. He got his inspiration from his adventurer when he was 17 years old. London would write a story about his adventures when he got back from a trip. London is known for his tales of his trips. After taking a closer look at the life and work of Jack London, it is apparent that he deserves recognition as a profound American author. Jack london was born in Francisco, California in the U.S he was born on January 12, 1876 (4). His parents were Flora Wellman and William Chaney(1). Jack got his name by working as a adolescent he adopted his name because he work a various of hard labor jobs(4). He also pirated for oysters on the San Francisco bay and he also served on a fishing patrol boat to capture poachers(4). Then he crewed up with Kelly’s army of unemployed work men and they hoboed around the country(4). After a long life jack london died at Glen Ellen, California in 1916(1).
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One day his mother looked though the newspaper and she found a writing contest that 's happening so she told her son Jack to write in the contest(1). So he wrote the story about how him and his crew almost got wiped out by a typhoon(1). London was 22 he really didn 't really have a much of a living(4). So once again he returned to California because he wanted to deemed to be a writer and also live as one(4).
When London Entered the contested that his mom told him to that really open his future to be a writer(4). So then he decided to dedicate his life to writing(4). But no publisher wanted to publish his book but when someone did his first book was Call of the Wild(4). later on he publish 50 of his books(4). In 1914 jack went to mexico to be a war correspondent covering the role of many U.S soldiers and U.S
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