Jack London Spiritual Ecology Analysis

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Jack London’s pastoral trilogy composed of his late writing career, Burning Daylight (1910), The Valley of the Moon (VM, 1913), The Little Lady of the Big House (1915) indicates his third transition in literary creation. As Sun Fengrui pointed out, VM could be a moderate method in dealing with social evils instead of radical social critique in his previous works (Sun 2008:86). However, as a writer righteous and loyal to his epoch, Jack London has been striving for justice as well as truth with his pen. His reflections on the crisis of spiritual ecology of capitalist society deserves interpretation and entails further study. Ecological crisis not only has resided in natural and social fields, but invades into the spiritual realm of human. Spiritual crisis or spiritual emergency is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a distinct psychological disorder that involves a person’s relationship with a transcendent being or force; it might be accompanied by assumptions related to the meaning or purpose of life(web). Apart from their spiritual beliefs, people feverishly worship materials which bring them psychological tortures, including anxiety and fickleness. Feelings of void, illusion, and loneliness soon would flood in by the time the inner mind is emptied. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the soul and regain the harmony of spiritual ecology. Spiritual ecology is the interrelationship between the subjects (mainly human beings) in terms of the spiritual level and

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