Jack London's Impact On American Literature

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Due to industrialization and urbanization, the early 1900’s was a period of transformation in America. Industrialization had brought about many advances, some of the most profound were in the printing industry. The bindery machine was invented early in the century, and the first paperbacks were printed. Newspaper and magazine sales increased as advertising money poured in (American History Printing Association). Writing was lucrative, and for the first time, authors could make a living doing what they loved. Although the history of American Literature in the 20th century includes many outstanding authors, Jack London made the most significant impact on the future of American Literature. Jack London became the most influential writer of the 20th century by researching his books firsthand through travel, vividly describing nature, and testifying to the human spirit’s will to survive. Traveling was a great love of Jack London and would provide firsthand knowledge to his writing. His adventures began at the age of 14, after quitting school. Next, he traveled to Japan while working as a sailor, and then rode the freight trains across America like a hobo. He was self-taught, and except for one year of studies at Berkley, preferred learning by experience to that of formal education. London traveled to the Klondike during the Gold Rush before returning to California to pursue a career as a writer. His tales of his Alaskan adventures such as “The Call of the Wild” were very
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