Jack London's Relationship In The Call Of The Wild

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Have you ever been in multiple different relationships? Well Jack London definitely puts a dog, named Buck, through multiple relationships in his famous story, The Call of the Wild. Buck is a dog that has multiple owners. He used to live with a judge in Santa Clara, but then he gets kidnapped, and has four more owners after he keeps getting sold. Buck makes different relationships, some that are great, and some that are not so good, with all his owners. In the story, The Call of the Wild, Buck and John Thornton have a sure-enough loving relationship. For example, Thornton "saw Buck as if he was his own child ... because he couldn't help loving Buck." Thornton is plentiful with affection to Buck. Thornton loving Buck as his own child meant that he wouldn't sell him, but instead he would treat in very favorable way. Also, Thornton's love for Buck "seemed to grow and grow." Thornton never stopped loving Buck no…show more content…
First of all, Hal, Charles, and Mercedes were overworking Buck. Because they were overworking Buck, Buck didn't like Hal, Charles, and Mercedes. This damaged their relationship and made it concerning because if they overworked him way more than they were already doing, Buck probably would have started attacking them. Also, Hal, Charles, and Mercedes were not feeding Buck enough. By not feeding Buck enough they basically made Buck get mad at them. Buck became very hungry and he was mad; this made their relationship worse. Finally, when the items fell of the sled, it make one side lighter than the other side, so "the lightened sled bounded on its side ... and Buck was raging." Buck's relationship with his owners, Hal, Charles, and Mercedes is diminishing because now Buck is starting to get very mad at his owners. Because it was Buck's owners fault that the sled flipped over, Buck gets bad at his owners. Buck has a bad relationship with Hal, Charles, and
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