Call Of The Wild: A Classic Novel

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Call of the Wild Essay The title of the book is classified as The Call of the Wild and the author is Jack London. Many people considered this a classic novel for many reasons. For a book to become a classic novel, it has to be in the list of great books and has to have good personal opinions about the book. The Call of the Wild was listed in the list of great books a great deal of times. Also, because many people believe that this book is a book that explains Jack London’s childhood. People who have read this book thought of it as a good book and stated large numbers of positive reasons why they think it is a good book. I chose The Call of the Wild because I am interested in animals and I wanted to read about how a dog could survive in these…show more content…
Buck was the only dog who was stolen and sold as a sled dog. Buck went through several owners, who never took good care of him. The first owner ran him 2500 miles and the second owner ran him more. The next owners had no idea what they were doing. The dogs would not work for them because they got beaten severely. Finally, one owner, named John Thornton, stepped in and threatened the other owner’s life if the laid another hand on the dog. He took the dog from him and allowed the dog to rest and gain weight. John Thornton would become his best friend. On several occasions, Buck was there to save John’s life as well. He saved him from drowning in a river. Coming in the novel, John dies and Buck becomes the leader of a wolf pack. Buck visits John’s death site everyday to remind him of who saved his life when he really needed it. The book shows that there is a connection between dogs and…show more content…
I learned that violence is not the answer. In the novel, Buck and the other sled dogs were treated like they are not supposed to be. They were beaten if they do not follow orders and they are put in terrible conditions and not fed as well as they should be. The owners of the dogs should have treated them like they were their pets and maybe the dogs would have been better to them. I found that a theme of this book is man and the natural world. Buck obviously experiences starvation, exhaustion, and bitter cold. In the city, he would never experience something like this. Buck has to find a way to survive and he does by becoming the leader of a wolf pack and taking care of a litter of baby wolves. Clearly, this book was a good classic novel to read. A large number of people think this book should not be a classic novel their personal opinions about the book are terrible and they don’t like the book in general. It is a classic because it was listed in the list of great books and many other people have thought of this book as a truly good book and would recommend it for others to read. The Call of the Wild by Jack London could be talked about for a long time because of the meaning behind the book and how many themes and messages are seen throughout the
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