Jack London's To Build A Fire

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The revolution of literary works brings a new perspective of new authors and how their work can enhance the reader’s experience. From the neolithic era to the modern era, new stories are created and each story comes with its own uniqueness. For example,“To Build a Fire” by Jack London is a very intriguing story that is about a man whose decisions will determine whether the man will survive in his adventures or not. Jack London uses a series of imagery, conflicts, and the character’s point of view to create a suspenseful feeling of excitement. Jack London implements imagery to heighten the reader’s experience by allowing them to visualize the actual setting and predict what kind of life-threatening situations the man can possibly go through. According to the story, it states, “There was no sun or promise of sun, although there was not a cloud in the sky... there seemed to be an indescribable darkness over the face of things.”(64). The darkness promotes the reader to portray a…show more content…
According to the story, it states, “The snow fell without warning upon the man and the fire, and the fire was dead...The man was shocked. It was like hearing his own judgment of death.”(73). The snow smothered the man’s last fire which makes the reader very anxious and curious about what he is going to do next and if he is going to potentially die or not as a humble man. The story also clarifies, “...the man broke through. It was not deep. He was wet to the knees before he got out of the water to the firm snow.”(71). This quote describes the man’s situation to when he broke into an icy lake and how he was able to manage it. Additionally, Readers are more likely to be curious about the rest of the obstacles coming his way as the man’s point of view will reveal his reactions to the
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