Jack London's Yextreme Sports Not About Risk-Take

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The quote Jack London states shows how he won 't let his life go to waste. In his quote London states that,¨I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.¨ What London is implying is that he won 't waste his time, he will use his days. This coincides with extreme sports, as the person playing the sport, do it as entertainment. Some extreme sports players don 't even think they take risks when they play these dangerous sports. Extreme sports are not what people think they are. In the article,¨Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking.¨ Some people may think that the people playing extreme sports are “Adrenaline Junkies”, but that 's just a stereotype(3). Implying that these people are in control of the situation. Most people would assume that the sports player is crazy or does not know what they are doing. The article states that,¨The…show more content…
Extreme sports players are sometimes misunderstood. Some would consider them junkies, crazy, and thrill seekers. It takes 15 years to become a professional, some thing a thrill seeker would not waste time on (5). Meaning that the players take 15 years to perfect their skills. Some people haven 't taken that into consideration. The article also states that, “Dr. Brymer said that the participants while unable to control nature, were educated about conditions, and were very careful to minimize potential risks.” Saying that player does everything in their power to not get hurt or injured. While people would consider them dangerous in reality extreme sports is a stress reliever for some. Back to London 's quote he says he won 't waste his days. The player enjoys the “extreme” part of the sport as he/she knows what 's at risk. Like previously stated it takes 15 years to be a pro. These players are willing to do that. They enjoy the sport and have fun. These people are professionals they know everything that is to be known about extreme sports. In the end these players are the ones that live up to London 's
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